Our Services

We provide a range of transportation services including non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and private transportation services.

Non-emergency medical transportation: Medicaid and select private insurances accepted. Rides to and from medical appointments (wheelchair ramp equip van). Our drivers our safety trained and certified.

Private transportation: any social events, airport rides, casino, sporting events, shopping, hair appointment, etc.

Our non-emergency transportation service is different from the rest because we care!  We genuinely want every patient to have access to a friendly, compassionate transportation service they feel they can rely on.  We add a personal touch, ensuring that our clients feel safe and relaxed during their journey and their caregivers feel confident that their loved one is left in good hands.

The founders of Meda-Care Transportation Inc. noticed that many people in the Cincinnati area were unable to access essential medical appointments or treatments because they lacked suitable transportation. She knew that because of this inaccessibility to medical transportation, serious complications could arise if a person cannot get treatment when needed. It was clear that that were gaps in services available, so they started with a couple vehicles driven by friends and family then expanded over the last decades to one of the largest service providers in Ohio and the largest in the Cincinnati area.

Meda-Care takes the safety of our clients extremely seriously.  All of our drivers have background checks and are thoroughly trained before they are allowed to work with us.  We use tracking equipment to monitor the speed and safety of the trip, as well as random testing to ensure our drivers are sober and drug free at all times.  Each member of our team is dedicated to providing punctual, safe, comfortable and courteous service, ensuring every client enjoys a premium experience when they choose to travel with us.

“Approximately 3.5 million Americans do not have access to transportation mainly because they cannot afford to purchase their own car or family was not around to take them.”